O’Connells are the hot water heroes in the Atherton Tablelands!

    Tired of cold showers? Had it with high energy or water bills? It might be time to replace your hot water system.

    O’Connells Plumbing can help you choose the best value and most energy efficient hot water system for your needs. Kiss those expensive water bills and cold showers goodbye.

    We even offer same day replacement for equivalent hot water systems…

    …and if your hot water system can’t be replaced on the same day, we can lend you one of ours!

    Why Choose O’Connells to Install Your Next Water Heater?

    We offer same day installation at a set price. This includes drain and removal of old units, new hot water unit supply, and installation of valves to meet current compliance. It even includes electrical wiring. With O’Connells there is no hidden costs and no upselling.

    We install only quality brands including Rheem, Rinnai, Therman and Bosch. We want you to have a system that will last.

    In addition to installation, O’Connells will remove and dispose your old hot water system.

    At O’Connells, we can help you with all your hot water needs. We are licensed experts in:

    » Gas continuous flow systems

    » Gas storage systems

    » Electric storage systems

    » Solar hot water systems and

    » Heat pump electric systems

    For friendly advice and quality service, call on O’Connells; your hot water heroes.

    Ask us about ZipPay, our flexible payment option. O’Connells Plumbing Services is here to help you with ALL your plumbing needs.

    The expert team at O’Connells offers friendly advice to make sure you get the right hot water system for you. We’ll help you get the job done right the first time. We offer hot water plumbing services to the following areas:






    Millaa Millaa






    Mt Surprise


    Mt Garnet 

    Choosing the right hot water system is important - it's a big investment that you'll have for many years.

    O’Connell’s can help you choose the right one.

    Because we understand choosing the right system can be confusing - we get it, you’ve got questions. 

    Questions like:

    » What size hot water system should I get?

    » Which system is cheapest to run?

    » Should I buy a continuous flow or storage hot water system?

    » Which system is the most energy efficient?

    » Which hot water systems come with a guarantee?

    Gas Hot Water Systems

    Continuous Flow

    Continuous Flow hot water systems are a great choice if you have gas on your property or are planning to have gas installed. The continuous systems are energy efficient, only heating the water you need. They are available in a variety of sizes to suit your water needs meaning you will never run out of hot water. Even if you have teenagers!

    O’Connells offer a variety of major brands. All of these units come with a 10-yearwarranty.

    Gas Storage

    Like the name implies, gas storage hot water systems are gas units that store and heat water. These systems have great efficiency and heat water fast. With a low gas consumption and fast recovery, gas storage systems are a great solution. Unlike continuous hot water systems, gas storage systems store water so you’ll have hot water even if the power goes out.

    Available in a variety of sizes from 90 litres.

    Electric Hot Water Systems

    Electric Storage

    Electric storage hot water systems are the most economical to supply and install.

    The flip side to these systems is that they can be more expensive to run with the thermostat heating water even when it’s not in use. Put simply, when the temperature drops the element turns on to maintain temperature.

    The good news is there are ways to reduce electricity costs with these units and O’Connells can help.

    Heat Pump Hot Water

    Heat pump hot water services are another storage hot water heater. They are highly efficient using only 30% of the energy of a standard electric hot water service.

    These hot water systems work like a reverse cycle air conditioning system, using the refrigeration cycle to extract heat from the air to heat the water. 

    Solar Hot Water Systems

    Solar hot water systems work by first installing solar panels to your roof. Water runs through the panels, heating up the water. Solar systems are available in both split system and close coupled systems.

    A split system is where the tank is installed away from the panels, usually on the side of your house, and a pump circulates the water through the roof panels and back into the tanks.

    With a closed system, the tank is attached to the roof panels with the water flowing without assistance through the panels into the tank.

    What if there is no sun?Great question!

    Solar hot water installations include a gas, electric or electric-solar booster. These kick in when the system sensor wire detects the tank is not getting enough heat.


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