When the unexpected happens, you can rely on O’Connells Plumbing Services. We offer emergency plumbing services to the Atherton Tablelands

    A plumbing emergency is a plumbing event in your home or workplace that either puts your health/life at risk or your home/business at risk.

    What is a plumbing emergency?

    A gas leak is a plumbing emergency

    Any gas leak, whether natural or LPG, is dangerous to both you and your community. If you suspect a gas leak, call O’Connells and we will prioritise your call and get to you as soon as possible.

    LPG is highly flammable. Being dense, LPG will sink to your floor and build in intensity. Natural gas is not as combustible as LPG but still poses a danger, especially in confined spaces in your home.

    If you suspect a gas leak, isolate the gas supply to your home or workplace and call O’Connells.


    A sewage leak is a plumbing emergency

    Overflowing sewage from toilets or pipes must be taken seriously. Raw sewage flowing into or outside your house is hazardous presenting a real risk of contamination.

    Don’t attempt to deal with a leaking sewerage issue on your own. Raw sewage contains fungi, bacteria and parasites and presents a very real health risk. Call O’Connells and we will prioritise your call.


    A burst pipe is a plumbing emergency

    A burst pipe can cause damage to your home and belongings quickly. It can damage your flooring, furniture, kitchen cabinets and walls before you know it. Turnoff your water supply at the main and call O’Connells. We will prioritise your call and get to you as soon as possible. 

    If You Experience a Plumbing Emergency Contact Us on 0400 653 404 NOW!

    Please note, after hours emergency works will incur a 3-hourcallout fee.  We are required to pay our team a minimum of 3- hours to attend after hours and then hourly rate to complete any works.


    If you would like to get a quote for the services you need, simply fill out one of our contact forms or give us a call.

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