How do I know when my septic system needs pumping?

    You should never try to open up your tank, empty or inspect it yourself. Your septic tank is filled with toxic gases which are very dangerous.  Over time, sludge builds up inside your septic tank, which can cause damage to your system. Pumping this thick layer is essential to keeping the tank functioning properly.

    When to pump is entirely dependent on the size of your tank, the number of people in your household, how you use your tank and your treatment and maintenance routine.  Routinely, you should pump your tank every 2-5 years for optimal Septic tank health.

    These telltale signs do indicate that your tank needs pumping though and they are:

    • Pooling water around your septic
    • Overflow of liquid waste
    • Overgrown grass around your septic tank
    • Unpleasant odours
    • Drains that aren’t clearing easily

    If you notice any of these signs it is time to call in a professional and have your septic tank inspected to be pumped out.