How much to repair or replace my taps?

    Today’s skilled plumbers service and replace all types of taps every day of the week.

    1. Jumper washer taps. These taps are the more traditional taps and can wear out over time. To service these, washers are replaced tap bodies are resurfaced using a seating tool. Rubber O-rings are replaced on spindles and lubricated with tap grease. Costs can vary between $80.00 to $120.00. Most plumbers charge a minimum of an hour and to service a pair of taps takes around 10mins. So, have them replace all your washers and service all your taps (or any other small plumbing issues you may have).
    2. Mixer Taps. Mixer taps are the single lever taps you most likely see in your kitchen. These taps are slightly more complex using a single cartridge to supply both hot and cold water through the tap. These taps can be repaired, however due to the purchase costs, its normally cheaper to replace them with a brand-new mixer tap. Costs can vary between $160.00 to $220.00.
    3. Quarter Turn Taps. As their name suggests these taps control water flow when rotated a 90degree turn. They are constructed with a series of seals and ceramic discs and over time they can wear out. Again, these taps can be repaired or replaced. Taps alone can cost between $80.00 and $160.00. With servicing or replacement between $180.00 and $240.00.

    TERRY’S TIP: Ensure you weigh up your options before you decide. In most case’s due the age of tap ware it is more cost effective to replace with new. This can give you piece of mind knowing the new installation is covered with warranty and work guaranteed.  

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